Wednesday, August 18, 2010

People's Music: A Way Out of Copyright Hegemony?

I came up with this idea back in around May/June of 2009. I got some feedback, most of it positive, and intended going somewhere with it (hence it's business model type presentation). But I didn't know any web design and still don't, so nothing has come of it. Furthermore, I discovered sometime in May of this year that Kick Starter actually offered a very similar finance method directly involving consumers, but lacks the focus on copyright (for what would seem like obvious reasons).

As my ideas and opinions on things constantly shift and evolve, there might be a few things I'd change, but I wasn't interested in going through and nitpicking each detail at this point.

I think this method might also function well as a model of finance for larger scale public goods or quasi-public goods as describes in my terribly behind schedule book.
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